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Top 10 Auto Lenders That Accept Bad Credit – Learn How to Get the Best Deal From a Top Lender

We all know that there are always top deals for good credit, but what about the rest of us who have a few dings on our credit report but still want to qualify for an auto loan? The good news is that there is an auto lender for everyone, even those with less than stellar credit.

If you’re wondering, “What is The Best Rate I Can Get for Bad Credit?” we’ve compiled a list of the top ten places where you can get the best rate for your credit score.

Blue Sky Auto Finance

This auto lender is known to be one of the best for even those who have declared multiple bankruptcies and have very low credit scores. They are realistic about what you can expect to pay back, as well as the best rate that you can qualify for, and they have multiple lenders that they work with. You need a credit score of at least 550 to be eligible for this auto lender and they have a stellar rating with the Better Business Bureau and has very few consumer complaints on its website. It’s a fairly new company, established in 2004, but already it has a great reputation.

Blue Sky Auto Finance also requires loan applicants to have at least $1,800 a month in income. If you’re wondering how to get a lower rate on your application, a little extra money in the bank will do the trick with this auto lender. When it comes to getting an auto loan at the best rate, Blue Sky Auto Finance is a good bet.


MyAutoLoan.com is a savvy website that allows you to search for the best rate for your auto loan through a totally user-friendly interface. The website is 100 percent secure and comes with a very cool feature that allows potential consumers to check the auto lender’s interest-rate estimator calculator to see how much they will really wind up paying for the vehicle of their dreams. It’s possible to get a great auto loan with this auto lender, even if you have bad credit. They offer some of the most competitive and best rates around.

In order to qualify for a loan, you need to make $21,600 per year in annual income. That’s $1,800 a month. Those who want the best rate should be able to show that they have more set aside than the minimum requirement. This auto lender has a stellar rating on the Better Business Bureau’s website and is consistently rated highly by consumers. The combination of transparency and willingness to work with their customers puts this auto lender in a class of their own!


Most consumers know CarsDirect as a place to simply buy cars, but they are also a great auto lender and offer consumers the chance to get the best rate on their auto loan. Their user-friendly interface is perfect for those who want to see if they qualify quickly. You can simply visit their website and check out an easy-to-use loan calculator that gives you the best rate for interest, a trade in calculator that will tell you the accurate amount of your latest vehicle swap, and what you can realistically expect to get for an auto loan.

This auto lender works with those who have excellent, good, fair and bad credit. If you’re wondering, “Which Lenders are the Best for Average Credit Scores?” CarsDirect is the answer. This auto lender lets you find your best rate within minutes and their online system is super easy to use.

Capital One

Capital One is a great card for those who have less than gleaming credit, and they are also a fantastic auto lender. This big bank has the ability to extend a certain amount of credit to high-risk recipients and has approved many loan applications that would have been rejected elsewhere. Simply visit their website and click on the Auto Navigator widget to see what kind of auto loan you qualify for.

Capital One is a great auto lender for those who are just building their credit or have bad credit. You will almost certainly find the right auto loan at the best rate when you visit Capital One.