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These Credit Cards Offer Easy Approvals for 550 Credit Scores

Having no credit is a tough situation in the financial world. The debtor wants to establish trust, but the lenders don’t have a history to base their decisions on.

Fortunately, there are some credit card companies that will offer new consumers approval for no credit credit cards. The following is a list of some of the best credit cards for people with no credit.

Capital One Platinum

Capital One is a company that has always given people a chance no matter how low their score was. They offer no credit credit cards that can improve a consumer’s credit profile rapidly. The Capital One Platinum card is one that a person can qualify for even if he or she doesn’t have much of a credit history. The company used to offer a specific newcomers card but has recently adjusted its standards to accommodate newcomers with the other options. The Platinum card has an initial balance of approximately $300. The company reports the cardholder’s payments to the credit bureau every month and offers credit line increases after five solid monthly payments.

One of the main benefits that this card offers is the $0 annual fee. Other benefits that one can find in this card are benefits such as fraud coverage and online banking. Consumers can sign up and apply online and expect positive results for this no credit credit card option.

Deserve Classic

The Deserve Classic is an excellent choice of credit cards for people with no credit. Celtic Bank issues it, and it’s a perfect match for someone who is wondering, “What is the easiest credit card to get with no credit?” The card is good for college students, working professionals or other newcomers. It is not a secured card, and it is not a card that has a ridiculous amount of fees. It’s just the right fit for someone who needs to build a profile that will brighten up his or her future. Anyone who is looking for no credit credit cards will love this one.

The Deserve card is not just an ordinary card. It offers a plethora of benefits to its cardholders. Some of the prime benefits of the card is its lack of fees. There is no annual fee, so new cardholders have access to their entire balances. There is no fee for foreign transactions either. Cardholders who make late payments will not be charged for their lateness the first time because the lender understands that they are new to the credit world. It’s one of the best no credit credit cards in terms of flexibility.

The Deserve card offers a slew of additional benefits and perks such as cellphone insurance, rental car collision insurance, price protection, ID theft protection and more. It’s a full-rounded option that gives new cardholders the whole picture of what it’s like to have credit. Interested persons can visit the website and apply for a card after taking a brief prequalification survey.

Discover It Student Cashback

The Discover It Student Cashback card is an amazing option for people who are just starting out in the credit world. It’s particularly useful for students who have no credit history. Consumers who wonder, “What credit cards can I get with no credit?” will be thrilled to have this card as an option. It offers a heap of benefits that any cardholder will be proud to have. The cash back is the most interesting perk because it allows the cardholder to earn money while he or she is using the card.

Other benefits that these particular credit cards for people with no credit card offer are annual cashback matches, good grade rewards and anytime cashback redemptions. There is also no annual fee and no stressful APR. The highest APR the person will ever have is a little over 24 percent. Discover reports payments to the credit bureaus in a timely fashion so that cardholders can grow their profiles. New applicants who ask, “Can you get a credit card with a 550 credit score?” might be surprised to find out that they can. They can sign up and try to get an approval today.

Total Visa Card

The Total Visa Card is one of those credit cards for people with no credit that consumers may love. The sign up process is easy, and may people can gain approval in less than five minutes. The Total Visa is one of the no credit credit cards that charges a processing fee before the cardholders can receive their cards. The processing fee is currently less than $100, and the cardholder will receive the new card as soon as he or she pays it.

The Total Visa offers a quick way for a newcomer to sign up to get his or her name on the map as a debtor. The company that offers the card reports the payments to the credit bureaus every month in a timely fashion. New users will build their credit and become qualified for other cards rapidly. Approval rates are extremely high for this card.

Fingerhut Advantage Card

The Fingerhut Advantage Card is a no credit credit card that consumers can easily obtain. It’s a little different from the other options in that cardholders can only use it to purchase merchandise on the Fingerhut site. However, the company is very prompt in its reports to the credit bureaus. Additionally, cardholders can receive regular credit line increases if they make their payments on time and utilize their credit. Web Bank monitors each person’s activities and offers rewards to those who use their accounts responsibly. Consumers can easily apply and sign up for an answer on these credit cards for people with no credit approval within seconds.