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The Home Depot® Consumer Credit Card – Rewards and Enrollment Details – CreditRestorationTips

Many Americans have found fortune in the consumer credit lines extended by leading retailers like Home Depot. Most shoppers don’t clearly understand how many benefits these cards can have.

If you fail to be careful when selecting a particular consumer card, you risk slipping into debts. Used properly, however, you get the opportunity to repair and refurbish your kitchen, roofs, and swimming pools without coughing a single dime until later.

What is a Home Depot Credit Card?

A Home Depot Consumer Credit Card is an account used to provide special financing options to the store’s shoppers. Financing is only extended to select products and services, however. Home Depot’s credit line doesn’t offer rewards and cashback refunds on your shopping. There are two different Home Depot cards available. The home-project finance and the consumer credit card. Each of the cards differs in the credit limit allowed, the repayment times and the interest rates charged to you.

Application Process

Signing up for the Home Depot Credit Card is a straightforward process. You can either apply for the credit line facility online or at any of the branches nationwide. Proceed to create a personalized online account with your specifics. Home Depot ships a Citibank-issued card in a few days. Once you verify your account, you can begin shopping right away to enjoy the special financing offers.

Apply for the Home Depot Card to Receive These Benefits

Being able to purchase a wide assortment of goods and services at Home Depot and paying for them in six months’ time is every shopper’s dream come alive. You can choose to pay for the furniture or the air conditioning services in monthly installments or as you desire, the choice is entirely yours.

Why Contactors Apply for the Card

Contractors have been known to use this credit card line to undertake massive overhauls of existing homes before selling them. Home Depot Project Loan Cardholders get access to loans of up to $50K to use in home renovation and improvement projects. The card can be used as a Mastercard to access these funds anywhere. The APR for these special loans stands at 7.99%.

Why Choose a Home Depot, Shopping Card

One does not need to carry the Home Depot consumer card every time they go shopping.  Consumers don’t pay any interests for purchases above $299 on Home Depot provided the money owed is paid within six months. New cardholders receive tons of fantastic deals and promo offers.

These include a 10% discount on their initial purchases at Home Depot. The maximum discount allowed on the first purchase, however, is $200.New Home Depot cardholders also qualify for the 12-month financial package plan on heating services and products, building materials and for water treatment services offered.

Card Fees and Costs Charged

A Home Depot Credit Card doesn’t charge any annual fees. Late payments attract fines of up to $35. It is important to read the fine print on the terms and conditions of the loans to get full benefits and avoid future inconveniences. For instance, you have to understand whether the card charges deferred interests or not. Deferred Interests, purchases paid for before or at the end of the agreed period pay zero interest rates. However, if you fail to pay within the stipulated six months, you’re charged interest going all the way to the purchase day.