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How to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts in One Place in 2019 Explained

The world has become a global village, and the major credit goes to social media. It acts as a bridge and connects the far stretched areas. No matter where you live, one click can enable you to interact with a person living in the other corner of the world.

Socialization has become the need of an hour. Politicians, singers, actors, athletes, journalists and many other recognized figures use social media as a source of conveying their opinions and keeping the world update of their activities.

Social Media apps have come to the rescue and help to manage social media accounts in one place. Now, what are the top 10 social media apps? Different social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler, Yahoo, Gmail, ask.fm, messenger and WhatsApp are present. Each has its importance.

Begin by Making Sure Everything is Up to Date

Therefore, one needs to be active on all these accounts. However, sometimes, to manage social media accounts becomes one hell of a task. It seems very hectic to check each and every account one by one and update on a daily basis. When you live a busy life and have no extra time to spend on the phone, but updating accounts is also essential then the only question you ask yourself is, “How do I manage all my social media?” and “Is there an app that combines all social media?”

Operate Multiple Accounts With One App?

You will want to get rid of the stress which lies in remembering different usernames and passwords for various accounts and putting them right while logging in. Keeping in view this problem, many application developers came up with different solutions and presented different applications which are capable of managing multiple social apps in one click.

Moreover, such applications save a lot of time. You do not have to manage social media one by one, post things one by one and see for updates and other managing stuff. In this ongoing busy world, nothing is more important than saving time and investing it other productive purposes. Therefore, such tools to manage social media are the best time saver.

Such tools are in demand because they provide all in one package. Being in a single place, you are allowed to check and also manage social media accounts, link them with each other and manage according to the mood that suits you best.

However, checking out what is the best free social media management tool and which is the most reliable platform is a bit tricky part. We can, however, list a few managing tools which will give you an easy hand in operating different social media accounts.


If you are looking forward to creating new and lots of social accounts to establish as well as increasing social links then you are probably looking for SocialOomph. This will not only manage your needs but will also keep a keen track of your market goals and strategies. SocialOomph is an amazing app to use because, in no time, it does all of your complex work.

When you want to concentrate on creating different social groups, then SocialOomph is the only possible solution. It does not only allow you to build up a platform but also helps you in boosting up your targeted strategies and market goals. You are able to connect to your social links and groups very swiftly. Also, just on one click, you can manage each of your social media accounts one by one.

Free Version as well as a Paid

The free version only provides you access to Twitter and that too for a short span. However, upgrading your SocialOomph allows you to access and manage social media accounts of your wish. The upgraded version also contains many dynamic and versatile features which perform their work smoothly. If you ask what are the best Paid social media management tools than your answer will be directed towards all the tools contained by SocialOomph.

If you do not want to post thing at the spot, an option is present, which allows you to set the schedule of date and time for every particular post. Even when offline, that post will get uploaded on its due time. You can also find people who have the same interests — connecting to those people who enhance your social circle.

SocialOomph remains at the top list for finding you people belonging to your category and for making extended lineups. Through this application, you can also generate an automated welcome message which is sent to the people who follow you. You can even allow the instant follow backs to your new followers.

With little efforts and in no time, you can manage social media efficiently. It is way too feasible to operate a bundle of accounts using a mere application. You can sign up at SocialOomph and can socialize in a better and swift way!


Another unique and helpful application which serves as a helping hand is Buffer. In order to manage social media more comfortably, you can seek help from this amazing application. It provides you with lots of options. You can schedule and plan your activities and can also improvise and optimize different social media updates. This becomes possible by spreading your schedule at different accounts.

Strength – Scheduling Features

It does not restrict you but allows many days in a row to plan and set. You find yourself at full liberty to manage social media activities and posts.

Your posts are furthered polished and made perfect to match with the social links given on your dashboard. Many times a day, that particular content is shared. You even receive feedback after people come across the specified post.

Switching between apps at one time also becomes easy. You do not get a headache by logging in and logging out again and again. It manages social media accounts in a really graceful way. If you often search for things like how can I post to multiple social media sites for free, then the free version of a buffer is the best possible answer. Buffer also comes in two versions. Free version contains limited features and options whereas the pro version has a wide range of features. However, later, you have to upgrade it. However, when you see the variety of tasks it performs, you will realize that it is definitely worth it.

Sprout Social

People, who are entrepreneurs, businessmen or other social figures, will find Sprout Social as the best option to manage special media accounts in one place. Sprout Social is equally popular at the individual level, market level as well as company level. The tool is taken as a serious and important for utilizing social media for business purposes.

It does not matter if you are new at using multiple accounts or have been using them for a while, you will be equally delighted by the wide range of productive options offered by Sprout Social. It saves you a lot of time and energy.

Special Access to Social Media Groups

Sprout Social grants you access to other social media groups and let you know about the feedback is generated there. It bridges the customers and owners in a way that no application could ever bridge. You can also edit your team members by adding active members and deleting those which are inadequate for a specific task. Many people, come across thoughts like how do I start a social media management company. If you have Sprout Social, you probably are not in need of any company to manage social media.

Quick Notifications

If on any account of yours, you are mentioned in any conversation, social sprout will let you know about it. You can also see for new followers and can check the impact that either you or your product has made on a social platform.

Initially, you may find Sprout Social very technical and full of directions, but once known, you will actually enjoy the great variety of options. This application is the best aiding application. When signed up, sprout social offers a 30 days trial so that you may see and get yourself accustomed to its features. Later on, pro version guarantees a hectic free way to manage social media.


When people in business and social media activists are taken care of, how comes that youth is ignored. Everypost is specifically designed to manage social media in regards to the content comprising of photos and videos. As teenagers are more into uploading photos and videos on multiple accounts, they can seek help from Everypost.

Manage Multimedia with Ease

You can make different groups and link them to your accounts. You can monitor photos or videos you want to share on the number of accounts. Your posts can be customized which allow you to set privacy and select the people you want to hide the post from or want to share the post with. In this way, your targeted audience easily comes across your updates and content many times a day.

Without any hassle and with full ease, you can do whatever you wish to do with your accounts. Generally, it is very simple and to the point. Your connected email account also tracks notifications and subscriptions. There is an integration of RSS feed as well as Flickr in each post. You can access basic options present for each post and manage social media accounts in the best way.

Manage All of Your Content in the Best Suitable Way

In a nutshell, nothing is better than one reliable helping hand to manage social media which serves you in the best suitable way. Social media managing apps not only save time but also provide you with a single platform. These apps are highly appropriate to be used in a busy routine. On one click, you can operate different accounts. Moreover, accounts do not bound you, instead give you a free trial time to get to know about the features and options. Social media apps when in the right place are satisfying, and once you are done, a professional account awaits for you with so many advanced and modified options. Hence, in order to manage social media accounts, you definitely need help in the form of managing tools and can easily post, comment, share and share your mood matching the content.